In Defence of Work

There is nothing wrong with enjoying your job. There is nothing wrong with wanting to go to work. There is nothing wrong with finding meaning through the work that you do. Find a healthy balance and enjoy your time at work.

These days it has become accepted that many people don’t like their work. Some people want nothing to do with work and they think that the less time you spend working, the better. This is fine and everyone can prioritize what they want in life. It’s okay to feel this way. I think this feeling indicates that you should consider a change but that is a different topic.

I personally enjoy my work. I don’t always like my job. Sometimes there is too much politics and too much bullshit. However, I am a person who likes to create things and express myself through that creation. The creative process, which I am lucky enough to get paid for, is what makes me enjoy my work. When things are good, I get excited to sit and build cool things with my team.

Like everything in life, it’s important to have a healthy balance. My generation is realizing that we can’t work ourselves to death. I have seen people literally become so connected to their work that they became sick and died as a direct result of having to let go of it. Do not let yourself become this attached. If you think that is your case you need to seek help.

There is a danger in being anti-work as well. For someone who enjoys work, it’s possible that other people might not understand why. That misunderstanding leads to conflict. If you want to work and people tell you that it’s wrong, there becomes a disconnect. Finding joy in something and then being told that you shouldn’t causes conflict. It reduces the joy and makes you fight that conflict every day.

We all want to enjoy our life. Don’t work too much; don’t work too little. Let yourself concentrate your energy fully into the work you do. Be happy with your time at work the same way you are happy with your time at home.